HardKorr 2000W Pure Sine Wave 12V TO 240V Inverter (with AC transfer switch)

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Portable 240v power made easy.


Run your favourite appliances you’d usually use at home from your 12V system with our 2000W inverter. Allowing you to power multiple appliances up to 2000W, including chargers, kettles, air fryers, hair dryers, and your Starlink system, our inverters will change the way you go off-grid.

The unit has an inbuilt AC Transfer switch function that seamlessly transitions your inverter from running off your 12V battery supply to mains power. Useful for those travelling in caravans, camper trailers, touring setups, or boats, it’s ideal when you’ve decided to set up somewhere where you’ve got access to mains/AC power, like at a powered site at a caravan park. The feature will cut the inverter’s 12V supply when it detects AC power, saving your batteries from discharging and allowing for a more efficient power transfer. The AC switching feature is easy to use too – use an IEC lead to plug into the inverter, then hook the other end to a mains power point and turn the power on. When connected to mains power, the inverter can produce up to 3600W, making it perfect for running even larger appliances.

Producing a pure sine wave output, the inverters will generate consistent, smooth, and clean power, just like you’d get from a mains connection. This means that the inverter will comfortably power sensitive appliances without the risk of damaging them. Appliances that require a higher wattage to start up can also be run – the 2000W inverter will produce up to 4000W for 2 seconds. Engineered with a larger heat sink and advanced internal circuitry, the inverter runs noticeably quieter than other inverters, even when running larger loads.

The inbuilt Residual Current Device (RCD) switch is arguably the inverter’s most important safety feature. Operating very similarly to your house system, the RCD Switch is made to detect anomalies running through your inverter and then immediately shut off the supply to reduce the risk of injury, damage, and electrocution. Additionally, the inverter has inbuilt over/under-voltage, short-circuit/overload, and over-temperature protections.

Giving the inverter the ability to run more conservatively, our 2000W model has an eco-mode function. When turned on, this function will drop the inverter’s output so that when there is no detected output, the unit will run with a draw of less than 0.2A rather than 1.3A.

On top of the inverter, the screen displays useful information about the inverter’s draw and condition. In real-time, it will show the input voltage, output voltage, outgoing current, and the inverter load capacity.

The inverter comes complete with a heavy-duty mounting flange to secure the unit, and a remote control with 5m lead.


Key features

  • AC transfer switch: Save battery life by switching seamlessly to mains power when available
  • Pure sine wave form is ideal for sensitive devices
  • High surge output (2 x constant)
  • Australian GPO outlets
  • Very high 89-92% efficiency
  • Advanced protection circuitry: short-circuit, overload, over-temperature and more
  • Inbuilt RCD protection
  • Strong inbuilt mounting flange

Power your devices on the go

*Always refer to the specific wattage of your appliance before running through the inverter


Fridge 300W
Blender 500W
Microwave 600W
Toaster 700W
Kettle 1200W
Coffee Machine 1500W
Airfryer 1500W
Portable Oven Pie Warmer 1600W

Living/ Working

Pedestal Fan 50W
Starlink 75W
Water Pump 150W
Heated Blanket 200W
Corded Drill 600W
Washing Machine 600W
Hair Dryer 1800W
Water Heater 1440W


Camera Battery Charger 10W
Mobile Phone Charger 30W
Laptop Charger 100W
Power Tool Battery Charger 350W

Hardkorr inverters were built from the ground up to suit Australian conditions. We’ve incorporated Australian GPO outlets (IEC Type I) and all models comply with applicable Australian and worldwide standards including AS/NZS 4763:2011, IEC/EN 62368-1.

As further evidence of our unwavering commitment to your safety, and to support our claim of being compliant with AS/NZS 4763:2011, our inverters have been independently tested and certified by SAA Approvals, a testing organisation which is accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

The Hardkorr guarantee

All Hardkorr products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 2-year Australian warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


Continuous power 2000W
AC surge power 4000W
AC output Pure sine waveform, 240V, 50Hz, 8.3A
Input DC range 10.5-15.5V
Efficiency 89-92%
Standby current draw <1.3A
Eco-mode current draw <0.2A
Outlets 2 x IEC Type I
Operating temperature -20°C / 45°C
Storage temperature <-30°C / 70°C
Protections Over/under voltage, short circuit/overload. over-temperature protections
Over voltage protection 15.5±0.2V DC
Under voltage protection 10.5±0.2V DC
Dimensions 452.7mm x 253mm x 93.7mm
Certifications AS/NZS 4763:2011, IEC/EN 62368-1

Pack contents

1x 2000W pure sine wave inverter
1x Inverter remote
1x 5m cable adapter for remote

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