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The REDARC BCDC1250D In-vehicle Battery Charger is a 12V 50A In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger. It is the latest variant of the award-winning BCDC Dual range and features REDARC's Smart Start technology.

Styled with a red line running down its back tells you there's something different about this dual battery charger. A 50-amp charging output makes it the most powerful in REDARC's BCDC range.

The BCDC1250D has been developed to provide a higher current output, it features an additional charging stage known as SoftStart which has been engineered to handle more demanding applications.

Featuring a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, the BCDC1250D will charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. And, with built-in 'Green Power Priority' it will select solar charging first, meaning less load on the alternator.

Suitable for 12 or 24-volt vehicle systems, the unit will also work with either standard or variable/smart alternators.

It is compatible with all common types of batteries used in automotive and recreational vehicles such as AGM, Gel, standard lead acid, Calcium and LiFeP04.

As a guide, the BCDC1250D is used for battery bank sizes over 200AH. For smaller batteries of 75-200AH REDARC recommends the BCDC1225D.

Proven and Tested

The award-winning technology in the BCDC has been independently verified and tested to ensure battery life is maximised, charging your battery to a proven 100%.

Built in Australia and tested for our unique conditions, the DC to DC battery charger will work in the extreme heat of the Simpson Desert, up to 80°C and can handle deep water crossings at Cape York - water, dust and vibration are no match for this charger.

If you're heading out into the bush and want to get there and back again safely you can trust REDARC. 


  • 50amp output makes it the most powerful in REDARC's BCDC range
  • Separate DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximises the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
  • Simultaneous DC and solar charging with Green Power Priority
  • Suits 12V/24V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators
  • Suitable for AGM, GEL, standard lead acid, calcium and LiFeP04 batteries


Model Description Length Width Height Terminal
Weight Kgs
SNL12V9S Invicta 12V9AH 151 65 95 F2 12.8 9 9.0 4P or 4S 1.2
SNL12V12S Invicta 12V12AH with 4 series functionality 151 98 96 F2 12.8 12 15.0 4P or 4S 1.6
SNL12V20S Invicta 12V20AH with 4 series functionality 180 76 166 M6 12.8 20 25.0 4P or 4S 3.0
SNL12V20BT Invicta 12V20AH with Bluetooth 180 76 166 M6 12.8 20 30.0 4P 3.0
SNL12V24S Invicta 12V24AH with 4 series functionality 166 176 125 M6 12.8 24 30.0 4P or 4S 3.4
SNL12V40S Invicta 12V40AH with 4 series functionality 194 132 170 M6 12.8 40 50.0 4P or 4S 5.5
SNL12V75S Invicta 12V75AH with 4 series functionality 260 169 215 M8 12.8 75 50.0 4P or 4S 9.8
SNL12BV100S Invicta 12V100AH with 4 series functionality 306 168 216 M8 12.8 100 95.0 4P or 4S 12.2
SNL12V100BT Invicta 12V100AH with Bluetooth 306 168 216 M8 12.8 100 95.0 4P 12.2
SNL12V125S Invicta 12V125AH with 4 series functionality 318 165 215 M8 12.8 125 95.0 4P or 4S 14.8
SNL12V125BT Invicta 12V125AH with Bluetooth 318 165 215 M8 12.8 125 100 4P 14.8
SNL12V300BT Invicta 12V300AH with Bluetooth 518 271 222 M8 12.8 300 200.0 4P 35.0
SNLFT12V50BT Invicta 12V50AH Slimline with Bluetooth 277 106 222 M6 12.8 50 50 4P 6.0
SNLFT12V100BT Invicta 12V100AH Slimline with Bluetooth 551 109 239 M8 12.8 100 95 4P 12.4
SNL24V50BT Invicta 24V50AH with Bluetooth 318 165 215 M8 25.6 50 50 4P 12.8
SNL24V100BT Invicta 24V100AH with Bluetooth 485 170 245 M8 25.6 100 100 4P 24.2
SNL24V150BT Invicta 24V150AH with Bluetooth 518 271 222 M8 25.6 150 95 4P 35.0



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