We have had a new RA Ranger Wildtrak through for an auxiliary battery system to run the fridge and a few lights when away over weekends. We opted for the Custom Lithium Ultra Slim 100ah Lithium Battery with the 120a BMS. Given this customer wont be running high current loads the 180A BMS wasn't a requirement, however if you're looking to run an inverter the 180a BMS is our recommendation.

To house everything we used the new Ausmotion battery tray. This laser cut stainless tray is specifically designed to suit the new ranger, picking up off factory bolt holes meaning zero holes drilled through the floor/rear wall for mounting. We've paired the new REDARC Core DCDC Charger to this system and the Victron smart shunt for monitoring the battery level.


Given this was a fairly basic fit out, we ran some power into the tub. Changed the factory cig socket to the auxiliary battery and added a flash mount Anderson and dual USB port. Covering the basics for now to see what additions will be added later on down the track.


Over all this system can be as basic or detailed as needed, for the weekend getaway or geared up for some more serious traveling if required. It keeps a very clean and tidy look about the vehicle using up otherwise wasted space behind the seat.