Gator GT50L

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From Gator GT Series wide range of enhanced vision systems comes the GT50L, a heavy duty camera housed in surface mount with U-shaped bracket ideal for heavy trucks, mining loaders and other industrial or construction vehicles. GT50L gives operators all-round vehicle awareness, making it safer for them to operate and the people working around them. Comes with a 120-degree wide angle lens that eliminates blindspots, GT50L's designed to withstand water, mud or debris impact to the fullest with IP68 rating. It has three wire loops on the wiring and during the installation, cutting the specific loop can effect adjustments via:

  • BLUE - default setting NTSC, cut the loop for PAL;
  • GREEN - default setting NO parking gridlines, cut the loop for parking gridlines;
  • WHITE - default setting rear view image, cut the loop for reverse image.

GT series delivers heavy duty display panels & cameras, the latest digital video encoding technology and installation versatility.

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